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we all gonna die but it’s time to sing a song


During confinement, despite all the uncertainties and disruptions in every aspect of everyday life, many people experienced a bitter-sweet taste of how different living on earth could be. It was a glimpse into a slower paced life cycle, in some cases giving human life a chance to gain priority over profit. This change of tempo revealed our ability to adapt to such a life: to watch more closely the growth of plants, of body hair, of friendships; to hear not the sound of traffic but the sound of wind, the sound of bats and the battering of pots and pans in solidarity every night.

cheeee fooooo aaahhh
you wake up

heavy – floppy
head outside

the future says


We all gonna die, but it’s time to sing a song is a research into how to collectively imagine and move toward a future living landscape…a peaceful swamp shared with insects, a chaotic community where everyone can fly or a forest full of gossip…all with the taste of a different life still on the tongue after our recent period of confinement.

what would you like the future to sound like?

your neighbor
imagined this

what would you
like to add?

Use whatever method/ instrument/ recording device/ voice you please.
Have questions? email us:
hi (at) weallgonnadiebut (dot) com

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see and hear the result

Opening Saturday October 3rd, 16.00
with performances, projects on view and the coldest bbq your body has ever enjoyed
On view at Dada Post October 3 – 19, 2020

thank youuuuu

A large thank you to Howard McCaleb of Dada Post.
This piece is part of the Body Occupation Residency hosted by Inkubator Collective, special thanks to their organizational efforts and enthusiastic support: Svenja Wollf, Francesco Petruccelli, Ingeborg Wie & Esben Holk
Thank you to our fellow residents for their feedback and energy: Abby Wright, Joannie Baumgartner, Katharina Bévand, Stephan Gross, Edurne Herrán, Branislav Jankic, Marina Paez, Shannon Turner & Stefano Tauiti
And to Brunno Silva for his guidance.